Pietro Ferrara Style


Pietro Ferrara Style sandals and ballerinas are made in Italy using only 100% Italian materials, following traditional technology.

Sole: Inside the sole, an iron arch support preserves form and consistency. The various layers are pressed and sewn together: this is the feature which distinguishes Ferrara’s sandals from the other, Capri-style, sandals on the market, in which the sole is glued and not sewn together. At this stage, the sole is practically eternal: the sandals maintain their form and consistency for years and are even rain resistant.

Straps: Straps and upper part of the shoe is made of 100% Italian calf or goat skin and embellished with various high quality accessories and decorative items made in Italy.



Vincenzo Ferrara SaS di Pietro Ferrara

Via Bartolomeo Caracciolo Carafa 29, 80136, Napoli

Cell: 3383218045
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