Pietro Ferrara Style



Pietro Ferrara Style – a new brand with more than 40 years of history. After many years of work on Ferrara Capri Sandals, designer and manufacturer, Pietro Ferrara, started his own brand of authentic Capri Sandals and Ballerinas. Freedom of creativity, passion, romanticism and great experience are the key elements that stand as a basis for Pietro Ferrara Style brand.


Our History begins around the 1890 with Francesco Ferrara, the founder, graduated shoe master at the Art School of Naples. The Creations of Francesco, mostly turned to a male public and rigorously executed by hand, make increase demands by the gentlemen of the Neapolitan bourgeoisie that, appreciating of above all the taste and the manufacture, considered it a worthy accessory for dress of the Neapolitan Dressmakers still today famous and appreciated all over the world.

Heels for women


Some years later, the son, Vincenzo Senior, took the leadership of paternal company. So Company changed its specialization in the working of the Wood Heel for women shoes. The fashion, but above all, the woman wanted a heel more and more ‘high and thin that would give the step a gentler and more irresistible femininity.

Today’s Heel – Ferrara’s Invention


In 1954 Vincenzo Junior (the Pietro Ferrara’s father) took the guide of the Company. He invented and patented its revolutionary Heel System: a system that in such a way allowed the implantation of a structure carrying in aluminum to the old wood heel. Still today the modern heels, constructed in plastic, conserve the same technique devised and planned from Vincenzo Junior.

Rebranding – Capri Style


Capri Islands of the ’60s, Jacqueline Kennedy wearing Capri sandals, the Twist Of Peppino di Capri – Italy’s golden period – clean and not polluted emotions of a world that Vincenzo Junior shared with his Capri artisan friends. At that moment, Vincenzo Junior started to produce soles for Capri shoe artisans. It was 1980 when Pietro Ferrara, still a high school student, joined the company alongside his father Vincenzo Junior. Their story seemed to be the same as the previous generations: in their DNA was love for art and shoes. 




It was 1989, first Capri Sandals Collection was exhibited in Rome turned to customers of Southern Italy. Their real trademark is the tenacity, interior force and the pride to produce entirely in Italy a product typically, Italian.



It was 1996 in the chicest roads in Naples- Via Bisignano a Chiaia-, a few steps from the famous fashion tie designer MARINELLA they opened the first boutique: a tiny shop where private customer can buy that is produced by them.



It was 1998 their Collection was exhibited in Milano Micam Shoe Event giving an international visibility to the Brand.



It was 2002, the second store was opened in Circeo (renowned resort on the coast near Roma) in Piazza Vittorio Veneto (fascinating Principal Square in the historical center of the country) where the store gets the reference point of Capri Fashion.



t was 2004 the third store was opened in Riva di Traiano (near Roma) One of the biggest Touristic Harbor in Italy.

2017 - Fresh Start


In 2017 Pietro Ferrara founded his own brand, Pietro Ferrara Style. Holding all the history and experience behind but with new power and inspiration, led by its passion and freedom of creativity.



Vincenzo Ferrara SaS di Pietro Ferrara

Via Bartolomeo Caracciolo Carafa 29, 80136, Napoli

Cell: 3383218045
Email: info@ferrarastyle.it
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