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"Hand Made in
Italy with love"

Pietro Ferrara Style

Authentic Capri Sandals


Pietro Ferrara Style – a new brand with more than four generations of handcraft history. After many years of work on  Vincenzo Ferrara Family Company – Original Capri Sandals, Pietro Ferrara, designer and manufacturer started his own brand of authentic Capri Sandals and Ballerinas. Freedom of creativity, passion, romanticism and great experience are the key elements that stand as a basis for Pietro Ferrara Style brand.



We believe in women’s flirting nature. Woman as a jewel that has to be carefully taken care of. Only high quality products and premium quality hand made in Italy.



Mission & Vision


Pietro Ferrara style – an authentic Italian shoe brand specialized in original Capri sandals & ballerinas totally hand made in Italy. Carefully crafted, curated and designed with love and passion by Pietro Ferrara who has spent his last 40 years on this. Our mission is to make any woman feel beautiful and desired. True elegance and refinement inspired by Capri Fashion and lifestyle.


Vincenzo Ferrara SaS di Pietro Ferrara

Via Bartolomeo Caracciolo Carafa 29, 80136, Napoli

Cell: 3383218045
Partita Iva: 067207630